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Fresh Ingredients. Real Flavors.

Our Best Sellers 

Fruit Overload

Mouth watering fruit cocktail ice cream mixed with Fresh fruits.

Fresh Fruit&Nut

Butterscotch &Mango combinations with almonds.

Chocolate Praline Royal

HazelNut Ice cream , Chocolate Ice Cream , Hazelnut paste & Chocolate Brownie

Brownie Blast

Vanilla with brownie with heavenly combination with Fudge.

Candy Crush

Strawberry Ice creamwith yummy fruit jelly and chocochips

Hazelnut Truffle

Hazel Nut choco, with chocolate cake combination with hazel nut paste.


What makes Pralines and Cream premium and super premium products better than other brands?

Pralines and Cream makes products richer and better tasting! It  also uses the best ingredients from fresh cream to fresh fruits and nuts. Look at the ingredient panel on our novelty ice cream products. 
They are not “wheyed” down like other brands! Some frozen dessert companies are putting more whey into their products – instead of milk and cream. but pralines and cream doesn’t rely on whey to make up the bulk of the product. The end result is a better tasting treat for you! 

I have a question about the ingredients or nutritional information for a specific product?<br />

The most up-to-date ingredient and nutritional information can be found on our packaging

Are these Ice creams for vegans?

our ice creams are 100% vegetarian .

How can I start selling pralines&cream ice creams ?

you can contact us on for support related to the franchise setup, product resellers etc.

Are the ice creams made is chemical free?

yes, our ice creams are completely chemical free, as we maintain our standards and cleanliness in manufacturing the ice creams

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